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Mommy Makeover – Rediscover Yourself

Are you looking for a perfect solution after pregnancy? If yes, you may know that having children and raising family burdens may lead to women suffering mentally and physically. Even women who have never had children notice that their bodies change as they age, lose weight, and experience other life events. Thousands of women get cosmetic surgery each year to help them recover a more youthful and feminine appearance. In particular, the mommy makeover is a popular procedure suited to each patient's exact needs and expectations. With a customized mommy makeover procedure, you can feel more like yourself again. If you are considering a mommy makeover, you should know certain things about the mommy makeover. Below you see all that in clear view:

Mommy makeover
A mommy makeover is a set of procedures to improve the appearance and feel of the body parts most affected by pregnancy. It is a surgery that can be customized to your specific needs. You can select the methods that will help you improve the areas you want to improve the most.

Things include in a mommy makeover
The mommy makeover is a versatile procedure accessible today in cosmetic surgery. Every mommy makeover case is customized to the patient's unique needs, goals, and anatomy. Because most mommy makeover patients are interested in reversing the undesirable side effects of pregnancy and weight loss. Here is some of the mommy makeover that usually includes some combination of the following:
● Breast augmentation
● Tummy tuck
● Fat transfer to the breast
● Liposuction
● Butt lift
● Breast lift
● Labiaplasty
● Brazilian butt lift

Mummy makeover surgery recovery timeline

First 24 Hours
Once the surgery is over, you may feel bruising, swelling, and pain around the area. All this will occur in the first 24 hours. When the anesthetic gets around, you will experience physical discomfort. Oral pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxants can help you manage these symptoms. You will need to wear a compression garment for 23 hours daily to minimize swelling. You will most likely spend the night in the hospital for observation.

First Week
It is important to get enough rest throughout the first week. That does not mean that you should remain fixed at all times. You can go for a light walk around your house to prevent blood clots. You can get someone to help change your wound dressings and do your housework.

Second Week
You will expect a major reduction in bodily discomforts by the second week following surgery. Although the surgical sites may still be painful and sensitive, you will be able to undertake some light housework and activities. Such activities may cause you to fatigue more quickly, so you should focus on your body and take breaks as needed. It is important that you focus on your body throughout this period.

First Month
You should notice and feel a huge reduction in post-operative swelling during your mommy makeover recovery phase. You will feel more relaxed, and your energy levels will return to normal. Since the surgery wounds are entirely closed, your surgeon will usually permit you to begin moderate exercise at this point. However, it may take up to a year for the swelling to go away completely, so you should be patient.

Faster mommy makeover recovery tips

Get Assistance

Getting help around the house is most probably needed for at least the first 24-48 hours after most operations are performed during a mommy makeover. This is because simple things such as getting out of bed and dressing will be difficult for you. If you have help for the first 2-3 weeks after your treatments, you can sleep better. Before your surgery, make arrangements for a friend, relative, and service to assist you while you heal. You can also reach to child care, particularly if your children are young. This will allow you to heal properly without worrying about accidentally opening any incisions while chasing after small kids. Your recovery will be improved by having this support.

Make a rest schedule

It is natural to look after your family, but you must allow your body to recover after your mommy makeover procedure. Taking more rest is the goal of the day. Depending on your procedures, a recovery period of 1 to 3 weeks is normal. For the first 7 to 10 days, plan to be completely free. Even though you feel well after surgery, your body needs to heal, and following post-operative instructions is important to prevent complications.

Pay attention to your post-operation instructions

Do you think you need to follow the doctor’s instructions post-surgery? Of course, following your doctor's post-surgery instructions is important for a successful mommy makeover recovery. Patients who do not follow their doctor's instructions and advice are the most common cause of complications after treatments. This tip may seem simple to some, but it never hurts. Following the procedures, you will get information and recommendations to assist you in healing properly and achieving your desired results. Following your operation, your doctor will provide you with the best advice. This suggestion also includes keeping all follow-up appointments to ensure proper healing and the lack of problems.

Avoid lifting anything heavy

If you have young children, you will have to make an effort to stop picking them up and carrying them for 1 to 2 weeks if you have them. For the first several weeks after your mommy makeover, you won't be able to lift anything heavy and exercise. This is why it is important to prepare in advance for childcare.

Prepare your recovery area

Setting up a recovery space before your surgery may make you feel more comfortable, allowing you to rest and recover properly. This involves warm blankets and pillows. Avoid laughing heavily because it can cause the stitches on some incisions to break. Make sure you have a table close to your bed that you can use when resting. To make undressing easier, get large, comfortable underpants. If your recovery needs you to bend low, some patients consider purchasing a toilet seat booster. Make sure you take enough time off work and usually take two weeks, as indicated, but talk to your doctor about what they believe would be appropriate.

Bottom Line

You will most likely be keen to see your outcomes as soon as possible after surgery. But you should remember that healing takes time. So you should follow some tips to recover yourself after mommy makeover surgery. The above listed are the tips and time it takes to recover from a mommy makeover.

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