Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal Tightening, also called Vaginoplasty, is a procedure that aims to “tighten up” a vagina that has become loose and slack from vaginal childbirth and aging. This vagina tightening surgery can be performed alone, or then with other vaginal rejuvenation procedures, such as a Labiaplasty.

The best candidates for vaginal tightening are women who have found that sexual intercourse has become less pleasurable due to the stretching of their vaginal muscles. Women who are currently pregnant or those that are trying to get pregnant are not good candidates for this surgery.

At Pretty.com, Dr. S. Suma understands that discussing vaginal tightening can be difficult for some patients. She will treat you with the utmost kindness, care, consideration, and dignity as she does all her patients. You will be in the best, most understanding hands, when you consult with Dr. S. Suma for your vaginal tightening surgery.

Before your Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Your surgeon will meet with you for an initial consultation. During this consultation, you should be prepared to discuss your surgical goals, medical condition, allergies, and medical treatments, if any, current medications, smoking, or alcohol use, and previous surgeries.

Your surgeon may also evaluate your general health status and pre-existing health conditions or risk factors. She may also take photographs and discuss your options. She will recommend a course of treatment, which could include only vaginal tightening, or then a combination of different vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

Your surgeon will recommend that you stop taking blood-thinning medications prior to surgery. She will also recommend that you stop smoking and also stop ingesting alcohol before your surgery. Your surgeon will also give you other instructions to follow before your vaginal tightening surgery.

It is natural to feel some anxiety regarding this very intimate procedure, so you should not hesitate to discuss this with your surgeon. Dr. S. Suma is not only extremely adept at performing a vaginoplasty, but is also extremely empathetic and sensitive to her patient’s needs and concerns, including any anxiety they may have. Being a woman herself, she brings this very real concern to the table.

During your Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Your vaginal tightening surgery can be done either under general anaesthesia, or under local anaesthesia with sedation. Your surgeon will discuss the option that is right for you. Once the amount of tightening that is to be done is determined, a pie-shaped wedge is marked to outline the extra skin to be removed from inside the vagina.

Beneath the skin, the tissues are tightened with strong sutures. Once the vaginal canal has been tightened, the mucosal skin is closed with sutures. If there is external skin that protrudes, this can also be removed for aesthetic results.

Precautions and Procedures before and after your Vaginal Tightening Surgery

You should follow all the instructions given to you by your cosmetic surgeon before, during, and after your vaginal tightening surgery. You may have one to two weeks of down time after surgery. You may feel a deep ache for a few days and you should not use tampons or have sexual intercourse for at least six to eight weeks post-surgery. Depending on the amount of tightening performed, your surgeon may ask you to use dilators.

After your surgery, you will need to gently wash the area regularly with water and soap. There may be slight swelling and bruising for about two weeks post-surgery. Some pain may also be present for about a week after surgery, but typically, there is very little pain associated with this surgery.

Your surgeon will, most likely, prescribe antibiotics and pain medication for a few days after surgery. You should refrain from any vaginal insertion for at least 6 weeks, including tampon insertion and sexual intercourse. You should also avoid heavy lifting and straining during defecation as this may prevent healing. You should be able to return to work one week after surgery and should also be able to resume a light exercise routine at this time. You should avoid strenuous exercise for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Dr. S. Suma will give you detailed instructions as to the precautions and procedures to follow before and after your vaginal tightening surgery. You should follow all of her instructions to the letter, as this will help you recover faster post-surgery.

Vaginal Tightening Result

Your vaginal tightening result will be apparent immediately after your surgery. While there may be some pain and bleeding post-surgery, this should clear up by about a month after your surgery. If pain and bleeding persist, you should consult your surgeon immediately. The scars of your vaginal tightening surgery will subside about 3 to 6 months post-surgery.

If you are considering a vaginal tightening surgery, you should consult with Dr. S. Suma immediately. She is a skilled plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgeon and will work sensitively with you to ensure that your vaginal tightening surgery is a success. So do not hesitate any longer and consult with Dr. S. Suma for best results!

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