A Hymenoplasty, also called a Hymenorrhaphy, is a surgical procedure that restores the hymen, which is a membrane that partially covers the opening of the vagina. The shape and appearance of the hymen will vary between women, but it is usually a half-moon shape at the bottom of the vaginal opening. This surgery is also colloquially called virginity restoration surgery.

A hymenoplasty is typically done for religious or cultural purposes, as in some cultures, an intact hymen is considered a sign of virginity. Some others seek surgery as a form of therapy after sexual assault.
A hymen can be torn or broken at different times during a woman’s life, and for different reasons. Some of the reasons for this include sexual intercourse, tampon insertion, or exercise. The breaking of the hymen may result in minor bleeding. Hymenoplasty is a relatively minor surgical procedure that can be completed in less than an hour under local anesthesia. Dr. S. Suma is extremely skilled at performing hymenoplasty. She will understand your reasons for undergoing this surgery and will be extremely empathetic throughout the surgery and afterward, as well. She will also guide you through the entire process in a sensitive way.

Before your Hymenoplasty

Your doctor will take your detailed medical history prior to the hymenoplasty, especially your reasons for undergoing this procedure. She will also try to understand your psychological state prior to surgery, including your expectations.

She will ask you to stop taking blood-thinning medications about 10 days prior to your surgery. She will also ask you to stop taking birth control medications for 10 days before your surgery. Besides this, she will ask you to stop smoking 4 weeks before and after surgery, as well as stop consuming alcohol 3 days prior to your surgery.

Your doctor will explain the entire procedure to you and will allay any fears or concerns you may have.

During your Hymenoplasty

Your Hymenoplasty can be performed under local anesthesia. Your cosmetic surgeon will partially excise the hymen to eliminate uneven tissue. The hymen will then be sutured together in two layers using dissolvable stitches. For some patients, a small piece of tissue may need to be grafted to the vaginal opening. The surgery may take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the amount of repair needed.

Dr. S. Suma is the cosmetic surgeon of choice for a hymenoplasty. She is skilled at performing this procedure and is also extremely sympathetic and caring. She will connect with you not only as a doctor but also as a woman.

Precautions and Procedures before and after your Hymenoplasty

You should follow your doctor’s instructions prior to your surgery. After your Hymenoplasty, there could be some swelling and spot bleeding.

Although this is a clinical procedure that does not require any hospital stay, you should avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting. You can typically go back to work the next day, after consulting with your surgeon. During the first 48 to 72 hours there may be slight bleeding, but this is perfectly normal.

Hymenoplasty Result

Full healing takes approximately six weeks. After this, there will be no visible signs of surgery, and it will be impossible to tell the difference between a natural hymen and a reconstructed one. At this time, the reconstruction process will be complete and all the sensations associated with first-time, virginal sex will be experienced.

If you are thinking of undergoing a Hymenoplasty, you should certainly consult Dr. S. Suma. She is a plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgeon, who is extremely skilled at performing a
Hymenoplasty. She will work closely with you and not only reassure you regarding the procedure, but will also understand your reasons for undergoing the surgery. So, do not hesitate any longer and consult Dr. S. Suma as soon as possible!

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