Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Many women suffer from pain and discomfort due to their breast size. Breasts that are too large
might result in low self-esteem and prevent you from participating in activities. So, you need to
find the garments that fit correctly which often can be a challenging task. Women with larger
breast sizes frequently complain about ill-fitting bras that cut into their shoulders. Factors such as
age, posture, and weight add to these problems. Considering all these factors, going smaller with
breast reduction surgery is an option available for many women who believe their breast size
prevents them from living life to the fullest. If you are thinking of reducing the size of your
breast or are looking for some information about the surgery, you are at the right place. This
article will take you through some advantages and address some common questions related to
Breast Reduction Surgery.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?
Breast Reduction Surgery, also known as Reduction Mammaplasty, is the procedure of reducing
the size of breasts by extracting extra fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts. This procedure comes
into the category of plastic surgery. It aims to achieve a breast size that is proportional to the
body without compromising the breast’s functions. Reducing the size not only improves a
person’s ability to perform physical exercises but also improves their self-image and mental
health. This procedure is not just for women but also for men with some conditions which make
their male breasts abnormally enlarged.

Who performs Breast Reduction?
Breast reduction is performed by a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon. A plastic surgeon
specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and a cosmetic surgeon specializes in
cosmetic surgery, with most surgeries being elective rather than medically required. A cosmetic
surgeon and a plastic surgeon conduct the same procedures, such as breast augmentation, but the
physicians' education and training are distinct.

How Should You Prepare for Breast Reduction Surgery?
Most individuals want to know what they should expect from the procedure before going through
it. You may be asked to do the following before having breast reduction surgery:

  1. To obtain laboratory testing or a medical examination.
  2. To take some remedies or make a difference to your current ones.
  3. To help detect any future changes in your breast tissue, get a baseline mammogram
    before surgery and another afterward.
  4. Quit smoking at least a month before your breast removal surgery.
  5. To stop the intake of Aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, and herbal supplements
    that can cause excessive bleeding.
    Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery:
    A board-certified plastic surgeon can perform breast reduction surgery, and it is a safe and
    effective option to improve your appearance and quality of life. However, before getting any
    cosmetic surgery, you should schedule a consultation with a surgeon to decide if the operation is
    correct for you. Here are some of the many advantages of breast reduction surgery:
    ● Reduced back pain:
    Back and neck aches are common among women who have big breasts. As your shoulders get
    tired of holding the weight, you may slide forward, putting strain on the muscles of the neck and
    shoulders and putting too much pressure on the discs and vertebrae of the spine. The pain and
    discomfort associated with large breasts can be reduced.
    Better skin health:
    Because of their breast size, many women with large breasts experience irritation and skin
    breakdown. Bra straps and ill-fitting undergarments cause painful indentations, cuts, and friction,
    which is a common complaint. Constant rubbing and chafing make the breast fold and lower
    breast vulnerable to repeated crashes and illness. Breast reduction surgery might help you
    eliminate the uncomfortable skin issues of having a big breast.
    ● Freedom to be physical:
    If you have huge breasts, they can cause pain, but they can also be a real pain. Many women with
    enormous breasts avoid activities that make them feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Exercise,
    sports, and other physical activities will become easier and more comfortable if free of aches and
    pains and unwanted attention. You will be able to live a more active and joyful life after reducing
    the size of your breasts.
    ● Quick Healing:
    Breast reduction surgery has a relatively fast recovery time, despite the spectacular outcomes it
    can provide. Many patients quickly return to work, social activities, and business as normal after
    the initial discomfort of the procedure. Your breasts should not cause you pain, and they should
    not prevent you from comfortably performing the things you like. Breast reduction surgery will
    give you the confidence, health, and pain-free life you deserve.
    Important facts about breast reduction surgery:
    Patients who choose breast reduction surgery frequently seek relief from the agony caused by
    their enormous breast's excessive weight. Back pain and chafing can be relieved with this form
    of breast surgery, which also improves the size and contour of your breasts. Here is some of the
    most crucial information to consider if you are considering breast reduction surgery:
    A general anesthetic is used for this breast surgery.
    ● It will take about 2-3 hours to complete the process.
    ● You may need to stay at the hospital for three days before going home.
    ● After two weeks, you can get back to your work.
    ● After 6 weeks, depending on your plastic surgeon's advice, you should be able to
    resume your regular exercise program.
    ● You will need to wear a compression bra for at least 12 weeks following breast

    Bottom line:
    Breast reduction surgery effectively alleviates or eliminates the pain caused by large, heavy
    breasts. Despite its popularity, it is a critical decision that should be taken with an experienced
    cosmetic surgeon who can answer questions and provide information and insight based on your
    concerns and needs.
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