Double Chin Correction

Most of us would like a streamlined profile at any age. However, some of us have excess fat that creates a double chin, also called submental fullness. A double chin can result from a variety of causes, including weight, hereditary factors, anatomy, and airway positioning.
Cosmetic surgeons use a variety of procedures to get rid of a double chin. These include liposuction, face lift and neck lift. There is not one procedure, but a combination of procedures that can get rid of that stubborn double chin. While the removal of chin fat can benefit almost any patient, some patients will benefit more than others.
Younger patients tend to have skin that will retract down once the fat is removed, resulting in a good result. Other patients that get great results are those with a low body fat percentage who still have a double chin. Once you have exhausted all non-surgical options to get rid of your double chin, double chin correction is the only alternative.

Before your Double Chin Correction

You should consult with your cosmetic surgeon to determine which double chin correction procedures are right for you. Dr. S. Suma will work closely with you, taking into consideration your medical history, your physical exam, and the cause of your double chin. Once all of this is taken into consideration, she will recommend a double chin correction procedure or a combination of procedures especially for you.
If you are taking any anti-clotting drugs you should stop these at least a week before surgery, or as recommended by your cosmetic surgeon. If you are smoking or taking alcohol, you should also stop these at least 14 days prior to surgery, or as recommended by your doctor. Even though double chin correction is a minimally invasive procedure, certain patients should not undergo it.
Dr. S. Suma will take photographs of your chin before surgery to determine how to go about your double chin correction.

During your Double Chin Correction

There are different methods for correcting your double chin. However, of all these, Neck Liposuction (also called Submental Liposuction) is the most tried and tested method and has been used for decades.
A skilled surgeon can sculpt the chin in only one session. The procedure involves passing a cannula in a superficial plane without removing any fat. This is a form of dry liposuction that creates a plane that helps your skin retract down to your underlying tissues. This not only gives you a contour improvement, but also helps tighten the neck skin. Following this, a 3 mm cannula is used to remove the fat between your skin and muscles of your neck.
This procedure is typically carried out under sedation and with local anaesthesia, which makes it almost pain free. It takes about 2 to 3 hours. Bruising and swelling are also minimal. To further tighten the area after surgery, you may be required to wear a chin strap.
While many patients want to correct their double chin, not all of them want to go through surgery. A non-surgical method to correct your double chin involves administering fat-dissolving injections. These injections contain deoxycholic acid, which is an enzyme that is naturally produced by the liver that breaks down excess fats. During this treatment, the surgeon injects deoxycholic acid using the guide pattern she has drawn below the chin.
It is imperative that you choose the right cosmetic surgeon for your double chin correction. Dr. S. Suma is an impeccably credentialed plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgeon, with a great deal of experience in double chin correction. She will work closely with you to guide you through your double chin correction and will ensure that all your questions and concerns are addressed.

Precautions and Procedures before and after your Double Chin Correction

You should follow all precautions prescribed by Dr. S. Suma prior to surgery. These instructions will be tailored specifically to you. While recovery will vary from person to person, most people will be able to return to work and normal life within about ten days.
You may or may not notice bruising and swelling around the surgery area. While this is part of the recovery process, if the bruising and swelling are abnormal or last for a very long time, you should contact Dr. S. Suma immediately.
Dr. S. Suma will give you individualized instructions as to the precaution and procedures to observe before and after surgery. However, you should limit physical activity for at least a week post-surgery, or as recommended by your surgeon. You should also apply ice on the area for a few days after surgery.
About a week after the surgery, Dr. S. Suma will most likely schedule an appointment in her office where she will examine the site of the surgery and give you additional instructions if any. She will also assess your healing process.

Double Chin Correction Result

You will be allowed to go home immediately after surgery and your stitches will be removed after 5 to 7 days post-surgery. Once the bruising and swelling subside, you will be able to see the final result after about a month. Your surgeon may ask you to wear a compression bandage around your face and neck for a week and then continue to wear it only at night for another week. Dr. S. Suma is the right cosmetic surgeon for you for your double chin correction surgery. She has deep experience in double chin correction surgery and will use the latest and best techniques for you. She understands that any cosmetic surgery is a life-altering procedure and will allay all or any fears you may have.

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