Do Diabetic Patients Have Liposuction

Several million Indians will be diagnosed with Diabetes this year. Many of them would be candidates for liposuction. The questions remain…can diabetics have liposuction safely? Are they the right candidates for liposuction? Can Liposuction benefit their diabetes? These are all questions we will try to answer in this article…

More about Diabetes

You may know a bit about Diabetes. However, here are some more details…

Diabetes is closely linked to obesity. It begins with something called insulin resistance. This is because the pancreas makes plenty of insulin. The latter regulates blood sugar levels. However, the body does not recognize and use this insulin properly.

Blood sugar levels rise dangerously but can usually be controlled with pills. Sometimes, insulin injections are necessary. Type 2 diabetes is the most common variety of diabetes and many million of Indians will be diagnosed with this variety of diabetes this year.

However, the downward spiral from insulin resistance to Type 2 diabetes can often be stopped with diet and exercise. What is more intriguing, is that researchers are increasingly saying that liposuction can also offer a quicker fix. This is despite the fact that liposuction has often been considered as the treatment of choice for only those who are not significantly overweight.

More about Liposuction and Diabetes

Liposuction has been around as a popular cosmetic treatment procedure for a long time. It is a good option for a person with normal body weight and localized areas of fat. The procedure cannot compensate for an improper diet or a lack of exercise. It is also not generally suitable for weight loss.

In a preliminary study, surgeons removed an average of 12 pounds of subcutaneous fat from 14 overweight but healthy premenopausal women, half of whom had some level of insulin resistance. This was shown by high insulin levels in the blood. Six weeks later, each woman was down two clothing sizes and had less insulin resistance.

In 75% of the women, decreased weight, lower blood pressure, and improved insulin resistance were maintained after one year. These were some of the health benefits of liposuction. Doctors and researchers are not sure why and how liposuction changes insulin metabolism. However, they say that not even a pill can improve insulin resistance the way liposuction does. Researchers also say that no other weight loss method, including diet, pills, or exercise comes close to matching large-volume liposuction results in terms of lasting effectiveness.

However, despite these studies, if you are diabetic and want to have liposuction, there are certain precautions you should follow. One is that any surgical procedure has a high risk for diabetics. Diabetes also increases the risk of post-operative infection and has slower healing time. Also, it may be difficult to control blood sugar levels post-surgery. Blood sugar levels can also be affected by the nausea and vomiting that follows the administration of general anaesthesia during surgery and by a lack of activity during the postoperative period.

Many doctors consider people who have well-controlled diabetes without any kidney problems to be good candidates for liposuction. Surgeons also work closely with diabetics to keep the surgery as safe as possible. They also order more blood tests than usual before the procedure. Most agree that if your diabetes is well-controlled, you are a good candidate for liposuction with minimal risk.

There is a less invasive liposuction option for diabetics called Smart Lipo. During Smart Lipo, a laser is used to break down fat cells present underneath the skin. The liquidated fat is then drained through a small incision. This procedure typically does not require general anaesthesia and recovery is quicker when compared to traditional liposuction. Smart Lipo could be a good option for those with diabetes, especially if the latter is not as well-controlled.

While liposuction is an option for you, if you are a diabetic, it may not change your capability to use insulin properly. Liposuction is not a cure for diabetes and if you have diabetes, the best option is to work with your doctor to keep it in control using the right medication. However, if your diabetes is under control, you can opt for liposuction. However, you should be well aware of the increased risk that comes with undergoing any cosmetic surgery procedure when you have diabetes.

If you have diabetes that is well-controlled and you are a good candidate for liposuction, it is imperative that you choose the right cosmetic surgeon for the procedure. Dr. S. Suma, of, is one such cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon, based in Hyderabad, India.

If you are a diabetic, she will understand your physiology and will work with you to perform your liposuction so that you undergo minimal side effects. She will explain the various nuances of the liposuction procedure and will help to alleviate your fears and doubts in an extremely empathetic way.

So, if you are a diabetic but need to get liposuction done, do consult with Dr. S. Suma and rest easy knowing that you have made the absolute right choice. After all, you deserve the very best!

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