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Myths about Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also called an Abdominoplasty, is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic surgery procedures. However, even today, many people avoid a tummy tuck because of certain misconceptions they may have about it. A lot of ideas we have about the tummy tuck procedure are false and in this article we’ll explore and debunk several of the myths about the tummy tuck procedure. So here goes…

Myth #1: Tummy tucks are for people who are lazy and do not put in the required effort to exercise or eat right

Reality Check #1: If someone you know has just had a baby and is left with hanging skin and tissue, they are an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck. Abdominoplasty is carried out to remove the excess skin and tissue that is present post-pregnancy or after major weight loss. These problems cannot be solved through exercise or diet because it is not a matter of losing fat or weight but is a matter of restoring elasticity to the skin that has resulted from being previously stretched out.

Myth #2: Only women have a tummy tuck procedure

Reality Check #2: A tummy tuck procedure works well for both men and women. In many instances, men too are left with hanging skin, especially after significant weight loss. He can also undergo a tummy tuck to remove this stubborn tissue and reveal a strong set of abs. The numbers of men undergoing an Abdominoplasty has been increasing exponentially.

Myth #3: If I have a tummy tuck I shall also need liposuction

Reality Check #3: While sometimes, a liposuction is needed to help sculpt the waistline during a tummy tuck, liposuction is not always necessary. However, the two procedures are beneficial in shortening recovery time when combined together. Liposuction can help to remove areas of fat during a tummy tuck and can effectively help in the contouring process.

Myth #4: A tummy tuck is a weight loss procedure

Reality Check #4: Contrary to popular opinion, a tummy tuck is not weight loss surgery. It is a tightening, sculpting, and refining surgery. It removes excess skin and bulges so that you have a more defined abdominal area and waist.

Myth #5: You do not need to diet and exercise after a tummy tuck

Reality Check #5: A tummy tuck is not an excuse to avoid eating right and exercising. You still need to work out to keep in good shape. If you do not take care of your body, the amazing results that the tummy tuck achieves will be undone, making it a waste of time. Significant weight gain after a tummy tuck procedure will stretch your skin and then when you lose weight again, you will have excess skin again. If you really want the results of your tummy tuck to show, eat right and exercise regularly.

Myth #6: Getting a tummy tuck procedure is cheating

Reality Check #6: Many people feel that if they go through any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, they will be judged for it. They worry that people they know will think that it is taking a shortcut or not accepting their body in its natural form. This judgement results in people staying in bodies they are uncomfortable in, thereby negatively impacting their self-esteem. However, we do not need to view surgery this way. You can view a tummy tuck procedure as just another way to enhance yourself, so you feel more at home in your body.

Myth #7: There is only one kind of tummy tuck procedure

Reality Check #7: There are several different Abdominoplasty procedures, such as a Full Abdominoplasty, a Partial Abdominoplasty, and an Extended Abdominoplasty. In a Full Abdominoplasty, a portion of excess skin and fat is permanently removed and drains are usually installed to drain fluids as the incision heals. The patient gets a new, higher belly button and liposuction is also used to smooth out the hips. A partial abdominoplasty is a less-invasive procedure with a smaller incision and often without drains. An extended abdominoplasty is the most invasive and provides an overall lift effect. Even the thighs and buttocks are lifted during an extended abdominoplasty. This procedure can be painful, but the results are dramatic.

Myth #8: You cannot get pregnant after a tummy tuck

Reality Check #8: There is no proven risk to getting pregnant after an abdominoplasty. Your doctor will often recommend that you should be done with having children before getting a tummy tuck, but this mainly because a pregnancy could ruin your results. However, if you do get pregnant after a tummy tuck procedure, do ensure that your gynaecologist and obstetrician knows about your tummy tuck but do not worry too much about it.

Myth #9: Tummy tuck scars are ugly and embarrassing

Reality Check #9: A good surgeon will incise and suture in such a way that over time, your scars will be very small and hard to see. If you consult an adept plastic surgeon you will be surprised as to how rapidly your scars heal. Some patients even say that their scars look like a little white line and that they even forget that they have scars. However, it does take some time for a tummy tuck scar to heal. It may take up to a year or even more, so you need to be patient.

Myth #10: Tummy tucks can make you look skinny

Reality Check #10: Even if your surgeon removes some fat during the tummy tuck procedure and may also perform liposuction along with your tummy tuck procedure, the latter is at best known as a contouring procedure. Most patients will not lose more than 8 to 10 pounds (4.54 kg) due to a tummy tuck procedure. If weight loss is your goal it is better to exercise and cut down on calories rather than opting for a tummy tuck procedure. If, however, you are simply looking for a better shape and fewer bulges, a tummy tuck procedure can work for you.

Myth #11: It can take months to recover completely from a tummy tuck

Reality Check #11: Barring complications, such as infection around the wound, most people heal more quickly than you would expect. You can get back to work within 10 days after the procedure, provided you take the required pain medications, rest adequately, and follow your surgeon’s post-surgery instructions. Of course, healing times vary greatly but most patients get back to their normal routines quite quickly.

Myth #12: You will notice full results within a month

Reality Check #12: After a tummy tuck surgery, there could be swelling that could last for several months, as it is an invasive procedure. Because of this, you should wait for about six months before judging your tummy tuck results.

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