Face Lift: An excellent option for those looking for a natural and younger look

A facelift is also called a rhytidectomy and is a cosmetic surgery procedure to create a younger appearance to your face. This procedure combats the effects of aging. It can reduce the sagging or folds of skin on the jawline and on the cheeks, as well as correct other changes that occur in the shape of your face due to aging.

During this procedure, a flap of skin is on each side of the face is pulled back. The tissues beneath the skin are then surgically altered, to create a more youthful contour to your face. Before the flap is closed and sutured, excess skin is removed. Sometimes, a neck lift, called a platysmaplasty, is also done as part of the face lift, to reduce fat deposits and sagging skin around the neck.

However, while a face lift will give your face a more youthful look, it will not decrease the fine wrinkles and lines in your skin or reduce the damage to your facial skin caused by sun exposure. It also will not correct irregularities in skin colour and creases around the nose and upper lip. The age-related changes that can be addressed by a face lift include:

  • Jowls, which is excess skin at your lower jawline
  • Sagging appearance and effect of your cheeks
  • Deep lines from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth
  • Excess and sagging skin around the neck

Steps of the Face Lift Procedure

There are certain steps of the face lift procedure. They are:

Step 1: Prescribing Anaesthesia

Medications are prescribed so that you are comfortable during your face lift procedure. You will be administered intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia. Your surgeon will pick the best choice for you.

Step 2: Placing the incisions

Your face lift choices depend on the degree of change you would like to see. You could go through a traditional face lift, a limited incision face lift, or a neck lift. For a traditional face lift, your surgeon will typically place your incision in the hairline at the temples. This incision will then continue around the ear, ending in the lower portion of your scalp. Fat will be sculpted and redistributed from the face, jowls, and neck.

Also, the underlying tissue is moved, and the deeper layers of the face and the facial muscles are lifted. Excess skin is cut away and the remaining skin is draped over the uplifted and tightened contours. A second incision may be necessary to further fix an aging neck.

An alternative to a traditional face lift, called a mini lift or a limited incision face lift, uses shorter incisions at the temples, and theseincisions continue around the ear. These are reserved for patients with less skin relaxation. The results are less rejuvenating than a traditional face lift.

A neck lift helps to fix loose neck skin, sagging jowls, and fat accumulation under the skin. The incision for a neck lift begins in the front of the ear lobe and wraps around behind the ear. It ends in the posterior hair behind the ear.

Step 3: Closing the incisions

The incisions will be closed with sutures that will either dissolve or may need to be removed after a few days. Your surgeon may also use skin glues to seal the incisions. Once healing occurs, the incision lines from a face lift are well-concealed within the hairline and in the natural contours of your face and ear.

Step 4: Seeing the results

Once the swelling and bruising subside you will be able to see the visible results of your face lift. Your final result will give you a more youthful and rested appearance. It will also help enhance your self-esteem and help you feel more confident about yourself.

Things to consider before undergoing a Face Lift

There are certain pros and cons of a face lift, which is what you need to consider. These are:

Pros of a Face Lift

  • A face lift can improve many areas of your face in just one surgery
  • A face lift can last for ten years or more and can make you look ten or fifteen years younger
  • A face lift can recontour the neck and jawline better than other techniques

Cons of a Face Lift

  • A face lift will simply create a younger version of yourself and not a new you
  • A face lift will have some downtime associated with it
  • A face lift may need to be followed by a second procedure, depending on your age and skin type

Before undergoing a face lift surgery, you need to consider a few things. These include your motivation, your expectations, and your emotional state. A face lift is a major surgical procedure that does have an emotional component.

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