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Breast Reduction Surgery: How does it work

Breast Reduction surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. It is an operation to remove excess fat, tissue, and skin from your breasts. It is indicated if you have large breasts that are out of proportion to the rest of your body. These, in certain instances, may cause neck pain, back pain and other symptoms. 

Breast surgery can be performed on women with large breasts and even in men who have male breasts that are abnormally large. The latter condition is called Gynaecomastia. This is major surgery, and so, you should know everything about it.

Things you should know when considering breast reduction surgery

There are certain inherent advantages to breast reduction surgery, which include cosmetic and functional benefits. Some of them are:

  • Your breasts will be firmer and lifted, thereby giving you a more youthful appearance.
  • Your bras will fit more comfortably and attractively.
  • Your overall silhouette will be more balanced and attractive, due to better proportioned breasts.
  • Your areolas and nipples can be reduced during the same procedure, helping you look better in and out of clothing.
  • Your body will look better in swimsuits, sports bras, and other form-fitting clothes, thereby boosting your confidence.

Are you the right candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is right for you, if:

  • You are physically healthy
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You do not smoke
  • You have breasts that interfere with your physical activity
  • You are constantly bothered about your breasts being too large
  • You experience neck, back, and shoulder pain caused by the weight of your breasts
  • You have shoulder indentations from your bra straps
  • You have irritation in the skin beneath the breast crease

What happens before, during, and after breast reduction surgery?

The initial consultation with your surgeon before the actual surgery is critical. You need to openly discuss your reasons for undergoing breast reduction surgery with your surgeon, including any emotional issues you may have. Your surgeon will also take your detailed medical history, including any prior breast-related conditions, if any, such as the removal of a lump from your breasts.

Your surgeon will examine your breasts, and may take photographs of them and will talk with you about how much breast tissue will need to be removed. You may get a mammogram and a breast exam before the surgery. 

During the consultation, your surgeon will also ask you about your habits and whether you are taking any medications. You may have to quit smoking for some time before, during and after surgery, as smoking can delay healing. You may also have to quit alcohol, as well as certain medications, such as aspirin and aspirin-related products, certain anti-inflammatory drugs, blood thinners, and certain herbal supplements, as these can cause increased bleeding.

You need to prepare for surgery so that your recovery period is that much quicker. You should have several things on hand at home prior to your surgery. These include plenty of ice; gauze and clean towels; loose comfortable shirts, and special ointments and creams for the incision sites as recommended by your surgeon. You should also have someone stay with you in the hospital and drive you home post-surgery.

You may have your breast reduction surgery either in an outpatient facility or in a hospital, depending on your particular case. In either case, you will get general anaesthesia, which means you will be “put to sleep” during the surgery. Breast reduction surgery can take from 2 to 5 hours, or even longer. 

There are different surgery methods that your surgeon can use, depending on the shape and size of your breasts, how much tissue they want to remove, and how you want to look after surgery. Some of these methods are:

  • Liposuction: The surgeon will make small cuts in your skin. She will then insert a thin tube connected to a vacuum, which will suction fat and fluids from your breast. This option is best for small reductions. 
  • Vertical or “Lollipop” Method: This method is used for moderate breast reduction and visible skin sagging. The surgeon will make cuts around your areola and down to the crease beneath your breast. She will then remove extra tissue and fat, reshape the breast, and lift it.
  • Inverted T or “Anchor” Method: The surgeon will make cuts around the edge of the areola, from the areola to the breast crease, and along the crease underneath the breast. This type of surgery is best for large reductions and for those who have a lot of sagging and unevenness.

After the surgery, you may feel tired and may have some breast pain. Your surgeon will give you medication to relieve pain as well as to prevent infection. You should follow your surgeon’s instructions very carefully post-surgery. You should expect to take a week or two off from work and you should stop physical activity for at least a month after your surgery.

Your surgeon will schedule a follow-up appointment after surgery for removing bandages and stitches. You should also visit your surgeon immediately, if you have persistent pain, swelling, fever, or any other symptoms post-surgery.

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