Benefits of Rhinoplasty: Cosmetic and Non-Cosmetic

Rhinoplasty is cosmetic surgery to alter the shape and size of your nose. It is an extremely common cosmetic surgery procedure. You can opt for rhinoplasty for several reasons. If you feel that the size and shape of your nose does not suit or fit in well with your other facial features, you can opt for rhinoplasty for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. However, you can also opt for rhinoplasty if you need to repair an injury to your nose or then, to alter the structure of your nasal passages if you have trouble breathing.

How is a Rhinoplasty performed?

Typically, Rhinoplasty (also popularly called a Nose Job) is performed as an outpatient procedure, so you will most probably not have to stay overnight at the hospital. Your cosmetic surgeon will give you either local or general anaesthesia. With general anaesthesia, you will sleep through the entire operation, whereas with local anaesthesia you will be awake and aware of what’s going on.

During the surgery, your surgeon will make cuts within your nostrils. In certain instances, the surgeon may also make cuts across the base of the nose. The surgeon will then reshape the inner bone and cartilage for a more pleasing appearance.

There are certain rhinoplasty risks, which include complications with anaesthesia; bleeding; infection; numbness or pain; difficulty breathing; discoloration of the skin; swelling; septal perforation; improper healing or scarring; dissatisfaction with the results, or then, complications requiring a second rhinoplasty procedure.

After your nose job or rhinoplasty, you will probably have to wear a nose splint for about a week. You can also expect some swelling and bruising around the eyes that can last for up to two weeks. It will start getting better around the third day after surgery. You can also expect to have a little swelling that is not very noticeable around your nose. This swelling will go away within about six months. The final shape of your nose will appear only after it has completely healed.

Your surgeon will probably tell you to avoid strenuous activity for about three to six weeks after surgery. You will be able to return to your work and social activities within two to three weeks, without any noticeable signs that you have had a rhinoplasty done.

Cosmetic Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can not only enhance the look of your nose, it can improve confidence and eliminate years of self-consciousness and low self-esteem. There are certain cosmetic rhinoplasty benefits. Some of them are:

  • Increasing or decreasing the size of your nose
  • Giving your nostrils a new shape
  • Reducing the bridge of your nose
  • Reducing the nasal tip
  • Enhancing the balance and harmony between other facial features
  • Having a positive effect on your overall facial aesthetic

Non-cosmetic Benefits of Rhinoplasty

There are also certain non-cosmetic rhinoplasty benefits. Some of them are:

  • Fixing a deviated septum: A septum is a partition that divides both sides of your nose. The septum should be located in the middle of the nose, so that you can take in an equal amount of air. In case of a discrepancy in size, the amount of air taken in will be unequal. This will result in trouble with breathing through your nose; sinus problems; recurrent nose bleeds; infections, and headaches. A rhinoplasty can fix a deviated septum so you can get relief from these conditions.
  • Curing sleep apnoea: This happens when you stop breathing sporadically in your sleep. Sleep apnoea can deteriorate your health and can even be fatal in a few cases. This takes place due to an obstruction in the nasal airways. Rhinoplasty can help mend the nasal passages and improve air flow.
  • Curing snoring: Snoring is embarrassing and snorers cannot sleep well, as their sleep is frequently disturbed. People who share sleeping spaces with snorers also cannot sleep well due to the constant disturbance. Rhinoplasty can help improve or eliminate snoring and help people have more restful sleep.
  • Improving allergies: Narrow nasal passage means that you are more likely to suffer from chronic symptoms of allergy. This includes irritation and swelling of the nasal passages, inhibition of good breathing, nose drips, and other issues. While rhinoplasty cannot eliminate your allergy, it can help widen the nasal passage and help alleviate the symptoms of allergy.

Are you a good candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Women and men of all ages can benefit from rhinoplasty. However, before rhinoplasty can be performed, the nose has to be fully developed, typically around the age of 14 years for girls and about the age of 16 years for boys. It is also important that younger patients, especially teenagers, demonstrate a certain level of emotional maturity and understanding about the rhinoplasty they are about to undergo.

If you are a candidate for rhinoplasty, it is important that you have realistic expectations. Rhinoplasty can improve the shape of your already-existing nose, but cannot give you the “perfect” nose, nor can it give you someone else’s nose. A skilled cosmetic surgeon will explain to you as to what is possible and will help you get a nose that looks natural with your unique facial features.

Rhinoplasty is a complex cosmetic surgery procedure that requires a specially trained cosmetic surgeon. Dr. S. Suma of Prettyu.com, is one such cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon. She will work with you with the utmost sensitivity to shape your nose in the right way. She will tell you whether you need to undergo open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty, or tip plasty.

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